Bug Box - Danielle Fortmann - Blue & Beautiful

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Product Overview

Hello Friends I hope you love what you've seen so far in 2023 - because I'm really really having a good time creating it...  March my collab partner is the wonderfully funny and talented Danielle Fortmann - from D&F designs.... As snarky as she can be her "palette" choice is quite the opposite - soft, beautiful and classically PRETTY - which I am going to bring to life in this glitter color story....

We're going with barely there light purple/pink, a soft petal pink, a muted red/pink/mauve, soft grey blue, a fine cut version of my favorite 501's, and then a deep charcoal to tie them all together...

This month too we aren't having ANY chunkies - as Danielle doesn't love them... so we'll do 2 ULTRA FINES, 2 Mini Cuts that you all love - and FINALLY I'll launch in Bug Box the newest glitter style my Awesome Ombre which is a mix of FINE & Mini - so you get the coverage you want and the sparkle you need!!!

Danielle & her bestie Manda LaPointe from Fawkes & The Hounds Design have already picked all the prints/decals for this collection so it truly is a collab project that we hope you all love!!!

15 spots are available!!!!