Bug Box - Mama Mel - Sunkissed Summer

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Product Overview

It's been 4 FULL years of glitter collections, almost 2 years of "collab" boxes - and this one is ALL me (aside from the pink).... 

This one is simple and beautiful - some colors I simply wanted to revisit/update - others I realize I just didn't have one I loved loved loved - so I'm fixing that.

I'm bringing you the following shades - what style will be determined as I design and look at my wall to see what we NEED

Aqua Blue
Sunkissed Orange
Mint Green
Bright Pink
Denim/Funky Blue
Matte Grey/Silver

ALSO - the decals/vinyl for this box and the coordinating Colors that Stick - are going to be a "decades" review - things I wished I FELT/Understood at each of the decades of my life - Decals will be Funny/Inspirational - and all MEL... Prints will just be images that call to my heart and ones I hope you love.

Limited boxes of this collection - and the colors that stick as I approach the weeks leading up to TumblerCon