Candlelit Kisses

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GLT-CM-Candlelit Kisses

Product Overview

Those of you who have been with CbF for a while are going to think this MIGHT be too close to Beaded Bodice to justify having them both.... and I'm not sure I disagree... This one though I promise you has different stuff going... Beaded has a little different Ivory materials - that really lend itself to lighter bases - Candlelit Kisses is BEGGING to be on a DARK Base - the specialty Iridescent looks oddly yellowish on a light base - but TOTALLY comes to life with Purple, Lilac and Blue on a dark base - I promise you - you're going to love it... 

Pairs amazingly with the following - Cashmere, Egyptian Cotton, Dawns Early Light, Satin Sash, any anything DARK!!!! I'm going to pair it with Aubergine or Pinstripes first... 

Sold in Two Scoop Bags - Approximate Glitter Weight - 2.5 Oz