Colors that Stick

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Colors that Stick-New

Product Overview

This is our long AWAITED Vinyl Subscription bundle..... Each month it will consist of the following!

16 Sheets of my Create by Firefly Vinyl - there will be 4 different color families represented - 3 that coordinate with the Mega Box Glitter Plan and I'll always include a "neutral" that I think complements the rest - like Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, White, Black or Grey.... 

Those 16 sheets will consist a variety of styles that may include - Glitter Adhesive, Solid Adhesive, Holographic (variety of patterns available) and/or Opal/Patina.... You know me - I'm going to give you amazing things to work with and a ton of variety - I always select things knowing I want you guys to get the most use out of them possible.

AND to ADD to the already AMAZING Cuts like BUTTA Create by Firefly Line up this Bundle will also include 4 sheets of custom created pattern vinyl - these sheets can be used a variety of ways - as wraps for split cups, full wraps, trim - and of course your decals - All will be designed with a clear intention of MATCHING the Mega Color Story - but also with small enough pattern so that you can use them a ton of different ways - I'll play with base color, transparency and like everything else I do intended so that this is one more tool in your creating arsenal... 

AND to finish up the package - I'm going to include a full sheet of cup size decals - I will scale these best to use on multiple cup styles paying close attention to the image layout so that it's big enough to make sense.... that 12x12 sheet will include at least 9 decals - all decals will be printed on clear vinyl - with a white ink layer under any color so all decals can be placed on ANY COLOR BASE - and no need for "bleach" spots.  These decals will be contour cut as close to the outer perimeter as possible so no trimming will be necessary.

This bundle will be available as a stand alone purchase or can be ordered as a monthly subscription.  Discounts will be available for a monthly subscription, and a deeper discount will apply if you are also a glitter subscription customer.