Create by Firefly - Mega Box

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Product Overview

Well Friends - We're going back to BASICS - but Basics done the MEL Way - all colors will be true rich color - there will be just the smallest hint of secondary bounces so very little if any Holographic or Rainbow - as I want these to be FOUNDATIONAL shades that you can build on  - they are STILL NOT Basic - each of them have at least 3 materials an multiple shades to add a little something - oh my gosh - but this is truly the starter pack of color that lots of you have been asking for - So this month we're going with all 3 primary colors - RED, YELLOW & BLUE & Then August's box will build on that with the secondary colors of Orange, Green & Violet.... It's the smallest pack of crayons brought to life in a glitter form.

3 Fines & 3 Multi-Mini Cut
4 Chunky Mixes
1 Shatter
1 Dot Mix

This box is PACKED with product and you can mix and match for countless combinations... I can't wait to see what you make with them.