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Hello Friends - Well, I've attempted NEONS once in my life here at CbF - and I missed the mark on some and knocked it out of the park with others - this time I'm splitting the NEON rainbow up into TWO collections - this is SECOND of the Neon/Highlighter set - with the Green, Blue & Purple... 
Please keep in mind that NEON Blue & Purple are quite a STRETCH as those materials don't exist and NEON and Glow are two different things - my targets for this color story are the shades that are represented on hightlighter markers - so they may seem more blue & violet than the BRIGHT as all get out colors we had in the first set - but they will be TRUE to that goal - and I promise two things - They will be AWESOME - and they won't be like anything we already have!!!

March's Box will have the following.

3 Fines & 3 Multi-Mini Cut
4 Chunky Mixes
1 Shatter
1 Dot Mix

This box is PACKED with product and you can mix and match for countless combinations... I can wait to see what you make with them.