Fuzzy Navel

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NOT gonna lie - this box is like a complete capsule collection would be for CbF - Unique, Soft, Different - just PRETTY.....  This was my fix the mistake that my peach set was last spring.  I wanted these muted apricot/tawny almost skin toned peach colors.... and boy oh boy did I get exactly what I wanted.

This one is almost matte but not - definitely has some pearl like finishes - but there is dimension and sparkle.  They it will dance between almost ivory to rust - but land squarely in the middle of PEACH!!!!

This is a MultiSize Mini Cut - from .25-.5mm in cut sizes - at least 8 different materials are in this mix - Sold in TWO Scoop Bags - Approximate Glitter Weight 2.65 oz

Pairs Beautifully with the following:
Apricot Blossom
Walking on Sunshine