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AT LONG LAST - I finally launch a glitter mix that was LOVED by all those who loved Glitter Island.  Miss Brooke and I are good friends, and she was kind enough to share with me some of her fan favorites - this was one that everyone was sad to see go - SO I'm so glad to bring it back EXACTLY as Brooke had it for all of y'all.  This is sold in my "2 Scoop Bags" Approximately 3.5 oz glitter weight. .010 cut size.

This is seriously the best masquerade formula around - on a white base its just PRETTY - a soft kiss of multiple colors, pink, purple, blue and a little bit of mint.... on a dark base all those colors turn up a NOTCH or TWO... it's a must have in any "opal/masquerade/cheat" glitter collection.