Little Bits of Stick - Cozy Campfire

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Little Bits of Stick - September

Product Overview

This is the NEW NEW NEW NEW - Vinyl Subscription!!!

This collection will contain ALL mini QUARTER Scale prints of all the prints that are in Make it Stick!!! - but smaller SHEETS and obviously smaller scale.

Prints will be 8" x 10" - with PLENTY of Material for all your "smaller" projects!

Packs will contain the following:

4 Semi Transparent Prints
4 Opaque Prints
2 Hybrid Prints
2 Accent Vinyls
10 Universal Decals Clusters - 2 will be 2" decals - the other 2 will be 1" - Not all Make it Stick Decals will be scalable this way - but I will make as many work as I can - other images MAY simply be graphic/pattern - with no text
2 Set of Pen Wraps (5 Wraps) that are 1.5" x 4.75" to fit MOST pen styles with our without glitter base. One Set will be Semi Transparent One Set will be OPAQUE

Make it Stick Bundles will ship between the 5th-10th of Each Month - and will RENEW every month on the 4th!