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NOT gonna lie - this box is like a complete capsule collection would be for CbF - I have SOOOO many aqua/teal/blue chunky mixes and I was DETERMINED to make this one DIFFERENT.... and lordy lord did I ever - not quite as light as I wanted it to be, but that was limited to the films I used - this one will shift, and look closely at that speckled holo - it's going to dance for you!!! Aqua is legit my favorite color and this one I'm proud to call MINE...

A variety of materials and cut sizes from 1mm-3mm - NO FINES are in my chunky mixes - so you are getting all the special and none of the extra weight.   Approximate Glitter Weight - 2.4oz

Pairs Beautifully with the following:
Fairy Godmother
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Ray of Light