Vinyl Value Pack

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$20.00 - $151.50

Product Overview

We have a couple of options for the vinyl value packs....

The first option is our NEW RELEASE 32 sheet bundle...

It will contain a variety of Opal, Chrome, Mirror, Brushed effect vinyl that are additional styles to our line up... adding to our amazing variety of specialty adhesive vinyl. I will post pics and a complete listing of all styles in the Creating with Fireflies Group.

I'm also offering a few Vinyl Assortment packs... there are 25 of each "size" and they are deeply discounted off of everyday retail price.

Holographic Solid
Holographic Glitter
Holographic Sequins
Holographic Mosaic
Holographic Shatter
Holographic Plaid
Super Funky
Adhesive Glitter
Opal/Patina Specialty Set
Chrome/Brushed Chrome

The 100 Sheet Pack will contain 10 of each. (50% Off)
The 50 Sheet Pack will contain 5 of each. (40% Off)
The 25 Sheet will contain either 2 or 3 each. (30% Off)

Finally I'm getting rid of any of my "rolled" vinyl - I will be making 5 roll mystery packs - rolls will contain Five 3' rolls of vinyl - colors or style may duplicate, but you will get 5 different kinds of vinyl.