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Admiral in June kinda started a trend - with having a larger cut (.015) of metallics (multiple shades normally) paired with multiple shades of high sparkle rainbow glitter to give you an IN YOUR FACE sparkle metallic WOWZA.... this month there are two in the collection - Tiger Lily & Waterfall... and they both deliver exactly what I wanted them to... beautiful color, amazing coverage and sparkle you can see from a mile away... you will want these in all the colors (and trust me I'm working on making them in ALL the colors).... You all know I love blue - this is probably my favorite aqua/robins egg/turquoise blue...  

Sold in 2 Scoop Bags - Approximately 2.75 oz of glitter per bag  (Cut Size .015)

Pairs perfectly with the following:

Happy Hydrangea
Luau Love
Dolphin Dots