Acid Washed

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GLT-Fine-Acid Washed

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What was supposed to be a larger cut of Sapphire Star went a little off - where is sapphire star was a little more subtle - this one is IN YOUR FACE with holo - and gorg... people who have used it say that it's like a perfect shade of broken in blue jeans.... you know that pair you LOVE LOVE LOVE and hope they never discontinue - even though a 2nd pair will never fit the same as this one does... Yeah that's the wonder that is Acid Washed - you'll want it for all the things -play with it's use, bases and chunky pairings... 

Sold in 2 SCOOP Bags - approximate glitter weight - 3 oz - cut size .015 hex (and a little .040 thrown in too)

Pairs Beautifully with:
Midnight Blues