Pattern Vinyl

This is where all the Custom Printed Pattern Vinyls from the Colors that Stick Bundles will live after they are launched.  Vinyl will be available in one of three different styles.

Transparent - Vinyl is CLEAR and the Ink will create a translucent layer over the vinyl - BUT your base material (glitter/paint) will show through - THINK STAINED GLASS EFFECT - and fully transparent patterns will require a LIGHT Base for color accuracy.

Semi Transparent - Vinyl is still CLEAR - but there will be an OPAQUE White layer under Most if not ALL of the print so that wherever there is color the image is 100% Opaqqu - so you can apply this on any color base and the colors will appear the same regardless of base color of your project.

Opaque - Vinyl is WHITE (or on some occasions specialty) and the Pattern will be printed on a white base - this will be used sparingly but mainly when the pattern is FULL COLOR and that true rich opacity is helpful. 

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