Firefly Fantasy Vinyl - White

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$2.79 - $13.95

Product Overview

This is the BEST Vinyl I could get my hand on.... 

I currently have 4 styles available in White Adhesive Vinyl...  2 are Holographic and the other 2 are "non-holo" - but ALL are dynamic and OUT OF THIS WORLD... Oh Yeah and they #Cutslikebutta

The 12 Patterns currently available:
Iridescent Glitter Adhesive (Translucent)
Lumina Glitter Adhesive (Opaque)
Holo Glitter

Holo Shatter

The 5 Sheet Packs will contain all 4 options, and one of the Opal/Patina Films that I have with a White Base.

All colors are available in 12x12" sheets.