Firefly Fantasy Vinyl - White

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$2.79 - $13.95

Product Overview

I currently have 3 different "finishes" in the White Adhesive Vinyl category.

The glitter Adhesive - is a RAINBOW/OPAL - transparent glitter vinyl - so if you want that amazing sparkle/color to show on your project you will need to layer over white vinyl... BUT if you are looking for a special effect over any other base - much like adding an opal glitter - this will provide an amazing offset or "inset" to any decal layered over any base or color of vinyl.

UNFORTUNATELY I've been made aware of the of some issues with the holo effect on the glitter and shatter white vinyl - it seems as though the "holo" effect completely disappears under epoxy - so although the vinyl cuts and weeds beautifully the effect isn't stable the way we use it - SOOO treat this one as you would use any other white vinyl. They are working to fix this - but please be aware that in situations where you coat with epoxy - the holo effect might disappear.

This is the TOP OF THE LINE Commercial Grade Permanent Adhesive Vinyl.

Create by Firefly works DIRECT with the manufacturer to bring you options that are OUT of this WORLD - not only are they BEAUTIFUL they are a dream to work with.  

We currently have in stock 20+ colors in stock in a combination of 12+ different styles/patterns - not all colors are available in all finishes.  I will add more options as they are available.

All colors are available in 12x12" sheets, and some will also be available in 5' rolls.