Firefly Fantasy Vinyl - White

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Product Overview

This is the BEST Vinyl I could get my hand on.... 

I currently have 4 styles available in White Adhesive Vinyl...  2 are Holographic and the other 2 are "non-holo" - but ALL are dynamic and OUT OF THIS WORLD... Oh Yeah and they #Cutslikebutta

Iridescent Glitter Adhesive (Translucent)
Lumina Glitter Adhesive (Opaque)
Holo Glitter

Holo Shatter

The 5 Sheet Packs will contain all 4 One of which will be duplicated.

All colors are available in 12x12" sheets.

Please note that in some cases the holographic effect of the Shatter and Glitter Holographic sometimes is diminished under epoxy.