All the Things

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GLT-UF-All the Things

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So when Holli and I first started talking about her color story collaboration - her two favorite things were SHIFTS and Opals.... I wanted a black that was intriguing that kept you guessing, because as you all know that many many blacks under epoxy just look like tar... so to keep them sparkly ya have to mix it up (lots add smidge of silver, and I have before) but this one I combined the Black Metallic with a Purple/Black/Green shift - and when you look at this little Mister in the Bag -you are left wondering what he is - and that is the point - this is your Swiss Army Knife of "dark glitters" if you have a cup that needs black sparkle - it will be that as you pair it with other glitters and decals... it you change some base coat/elements it will be Emerald or Purple... This is and always will be ALL THE THINGS

Sold in 2 Scoop Bags - Approximate Glitter Weight 3.0 Oz - .010 Cut Size