Broken Crayons

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GLT-Funky-Broken Crayon

Product Overview

People have been asking me to do a MULTI COLOR Chunky mix for AGES - specifically to work with all the "teacher" cups.... well friends this is seriously the BEST I could do - and in my opinion just cool as heck - I took several chunky mixes I had and made things that were really cool on their own into something truly Spectacular.... It's a more "primary" color mix than most of the rainbow mixes out there - but if you've ever seen the bottom of a crayon "bin" after lets say a Kindergarten class has been working with them for a month or so - this is what your going to find - but in the best possible way.

If you know the story of "the broken crayon" you will understand the name, if you don't Please Google It... 

This is sold in a TWO SCOOP Bag - Approximate Glitter Weight 2.5 Oz.