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NOT gonna lie - this box is like a complete capsule collection would be for CbF - Unique, Soft, Different - just PRETTY.....

If I could call this on the GOAT I sure would because I just look at this and I get HAPPY..... it's once again the color story that can only really be seen through my lens - that comes to life on your creations - this one is just happy, I named it because it reminded me of the sun faded carousel horses I would see at the amusement parks - or the ones I had as a collection of snow globes as a little girl.  I cannot wait to see what you make with this one - it's seriously my FAVORITE probably ever.

This a chunky mix - with flake sizes from 1mm-3mm Sold in TWO SCOOP BAGS - Approximate Glitter Weight 2.5 oz

Pairs Beautifully with the following:
Seriously Good