Egyptian Cotton

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Although I was THREATENED to NOT MESS WITH PERFECTION - I promised I could elevate the perfection that is Cashmere.... This my friends is Cashmere's REALLY COOL - SUPER POPULAR - Gets invited to all the cool things BIG SIS... you are going to literally want to BATHE in this - it's Luxe, Rich and just BEAUTIFUL.  This like Cashmere - is primarily Sterling Silver - with a little boost (not like it needed it) for extra punch.  This will be a fan favorite for EVER.

Pairs Perfectly with - Satin Sash, Cashmere, Three Wishes, Candlelit Kisses, Beaded Bodice, Tattered Veil.

Sold in Two Scoop Bags - Approximate Glitter Weight - 3 Oz - Cut Size .015