Ms. Pibb

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GLT-UF-Ms. Pibb

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Soo I did burgundy, chocolates and creams about a year ago.... and was actually terrified to revisit because I LOVED how those 3 maroon/burgundy colors turned out... this time I wanted deep rich, but just a skoosh brighter - when you look at the inspiration pic of fall leaves - almost pink, but purple and red too - that's what Ms. Pibb is... and and YES of course it's a play on the perfect color for that soda that is brown but not cola... and it's fake friend with a similar name.... BUT this one has ATTITUDE.... you are going to love it... 

Sold in 2 SCOOP Bags - approximate glitter weight - 3 oz - cut size .010 hex

Pairs Beautifully with:
Cherries Jubilee
Cherry Cordial
Old Vine Zin
Fall Formal