Perfect Peri (Periwinkle)

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Periwinkle is a color that lots and lots want to "fit" in either the blue or purple world - and MY FRIENDS - this color was just meant to STAND OUT... kinda like CbF it's not meant to be like anything else it's wants to do it's own thing.   This mix blends metallics, shifts and iridescents to get to that perfect color saturated shade of OH MY GOODNESS - base coats will adjust where this lands - but y'all have fun with it!!!

Sold in 2 Scoop Bags - 1/2 Cup of glitter - Approximate Glitter Weight 2.9 oz - cut size .015

Matches Beautifully with the following:
Katy Perry
Perry Mason
Candy Necklace
Mermaid Vibes