Sy Simon

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GLT-Mini-Sy Simon

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Funny Story - well my dad really LOVED two things - Food and his pups...  he joked often that there should be a line of hair color that is kinda matches the colors of different breeds of dogs - like Irish Setter Red, or Golden Retriever Blonde... Well this my friend is "Golden Retriever" GOLD.... Sy Simon was the name of the Golden Retriever I got for my dad as a Fathers Day Present with money I earned from my very first "real job"... He was just the best dog ever - and this color reminds me of his gentle soul.

You will love it for so many things - it's a GOLD with a definite CbF Spin.

Pairs Perfectly with the following:
American Honey, Regal, 3 Wishes, Gold Nugget, and 24 Karat... 

Sold in Two Scoop Bags - Approximate Glitter Weight - 2.75 Oz - Cut Size - Multi Cut - Mini Cut