Ice Storm

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GLT-SHT-Ice Strom

Product Overview

NOT gonna lie - this box is like a complete capsule collection would be for CbF - Unique, Soft, Different - just PRETTY.....

I was terrified this one was going to be too close to Frozen and Beautifully Broken - and the truth is that it's somewhere perfectly in the middle.  It's sooo pretty and that perfect shade of icy blue.... 

This is an Irregular cut varying sizes of "shatter" pieces - they add tons of dimension - use them in molds, floating pens/make-up brushes, and the "snow globe" cups for a ton of wow - Obviously can be used on cups too - it's particularly awesome to add dimension to a rock candy geode tumbler.

Sold in TWO SCOOP BAGS - Approximate Glitter Weight 2 oz.

Pairs Beautifully with the following:
Fairy Godmother
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Ray of LIght