Storm Front

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GLT-SHT-Storm Front

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This looks SOOOOO SOOOO Much different on your project than it does in the bag - but different in a HOLY CRAP how did it do that way - the material that flashes almost smurf blue in this form goes to a deep lapis blue under epoxy - then you have a nothing close to basic navy metallic - and the sprinkles on top is the SHIFT from the heavens that goes from black to Indigo... Y'all - PLAY with this sucker - in the molds, on a cup - let this be your way to FALL IN LOVE with Shatter... it will not disappoint you.

Sold in 2 SCOOP Bags - approximate glitter weight - 1.75 oz - irregular cut

Pairs Beautifully with:
Acid Wash
In the Navy
Sapphire Star